IFA Psychology

Dr. Tim McGee - Sports Psychologist

Dr Timm McGee
Dr Tim McGee
Sports Psychology Instructor

Educational experiences and degrees:

  • B.S. in Education from University of Nebraska
  • M.S. in Educational Psychology from University of Nebraska
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy from Trinity College

Important Activities and Accolades:

  • Superstar Teacher for The Teaching Company (Series title: How To Become a Superstar Student)
  • Master Teacher of the Year for Worland High School in 1992
  • Korean Essay Contest Winner for Korean Air Contest… Presenter at Soul National University
  • Presenter at the first Walt Whitman conference at Bejing National University
  • Wyoming ODP coach
  • Founder of the Learning2Learn Institute
  • Author of Athletic Training Journals text on self-guided training techniques