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International Travel
Costa Rica 2016

International Futbol Academy's International Competition
Futbol's Our Thing!

Our Mission

International Futbol Academy vision is to provide our Athletes with a "Developmental Training Methodology" that provides players with the "Technical Proficiency" needed to meet the "Demands of the Game" and their personal goals. Our emphasis will be purely based on developing our Athletes to become "A Complete Futbol Player".

Our Mission is focused on creating a "Disciplined, Positive and Healthy Training Environment" that provides and promotes freedom of play. That freedom of play with "Purpose" will be emphasized with an honest understanding of its meaning, responsibility and accountability behind it!

A True freedom of play without the fear or the fear of failure!! This training philosophy can only be gained by creating an environment that exposes our athletes to their technical and tactical deficiencies and create a positive environment that will teach and correct their technical challenges, Tactical awareness and a comprehensive understanding of their physical and physiological strengths.

IFA’s initiative is to provide our athletes with a supplemental training program to support your

"Clubs Seasonal and Annual Goals"
IFA will continuously reinforce its Athletes with individual written evaluations, continuous interactive progress reports and a clear understanding of the players seasonal and annual goals and objectives in motion set by your club and our athletes progress assessments! Our program will be focused on setting clear transparencies between the supporting parent, our coach the teacher and our players the students trusting their development behind our methods of training, communication and evaluation practices!!

Success can never truly be achieved without experiencing the lessons learned in Failure!
Fear Not Failure!! But The Fear In Not Exposing Yourself and Your Ability to overcome it!!

The IFA Academy Travel will primarily be focused on preparing and exposing our young talent to a continuous high level of competition both Domestically and Internationally.
A. North America
B. South America
C. Central America
D. Europe

Come and train with us and experience an environment where the emphasis is all about you!! The Athlete, The Player, Your future!

Boys Select 01 - 02

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